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    I am looking for the source code of both executables /usr/sbin/niryo_one_ros-start and /usr/sbin/niryo_one_ros-stop in order to understand the initialisation and startup process.

    Indeed, I would like to add new features at startup so I want to fully understand how niryo one is launching ros stack.


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    Those 2 scripts are 2 shell scripts (you can edit them) generated by a ROS package that just do the setup for starting ROS service at boot up.
    You can find the ‘install’ script under “niryo_one_bringup/scripts/” in the niryo_one_ros folder, it just registers the global launch file (niryo_one_bringup/rpi_setup.launch) to be started at boot up for now.

    To add something you got several options:
    – You want to add a new ROS service at startup, add your service in the install script and execute it (
    – You want to add features that aren’t related to ROS, you can launch your script/binary at the end of niryo_one_ros-start script. (This script will be overwrite again if you execute the niryo_one_bringup/scripts/install so never execute )

    Let me know if you need further explanation.
    Best regards,

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    Many thanks cducatez.
    I did not realize it was scripts…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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