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    I just purchased the Niryo One kit and am looking forward to assembling and testing once it arrives. I also decided that I would try my luck at 3D printing the Gripper 2 and Gripper 3 tools. I am still a 3D printing newbie and could really use some tips on recommended settings and orientations for some of the gripper parts (infill %, supports etc).

    My printer is a MakerBot Replicator+.  Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    Hi BManCAn,

    Thank you for the purchase!

    From our side, we are not using MakerBot Replicator same if it’s one of the best :)


    Please find the picture of how we advise orientating and place support for the 3D parts.



    For the rest:

    Infill: 20%

    Extrusion Multiplier: 1,00

    Speed 3000,mm/min


    Please keep us updated!



    Niryo Team


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    I know you guys open source this and put STL files on Github.    I think it’s just missing a little basic info to print the parts.


    Hobbyists would like to know:

    1. ideal layer height

    2. is support required

    3. best orientation to minimize support.

    4. infill percentage

    5. Material to use  ( I see PLA,  any issues with that?  would strong PLA be better ?)


    or easier  could you post the settings and the slicer you used to print the parts for the kit ?  also what material is that ?  that blue is awesome looking.


    My 12 year old son brought this robot to my attention and wanted me to help him build it   but he had some questions about the 3D print settings.  He said since the parts take so long to print that he wanted to print it right the first time lol 12 year olds these days..


    Awesome project guys.    totally appreciate just a little more help






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    Dear @bmancan,

    I think you can handle the gripper 2 printing.

    I did witl 25% infill and it working fine.

    You also need to remember to flash the id12 to gripper 2.

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