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Niryo's collaborative robots fit for industry 4.0. They are designed to cope with labour shortage, optimize productivity and to lower production fees. Agile and flexible, our cobots can easily be re-programmed of your needs change. Let's see a couple of use-cases for Niryo collaborative robots in industrial environment.

Pick and place : key step for robotics automation

Robotics arms can be used in industrial environments with the pick and place function. Set your own workspace and start to automate.

Good to know : reduce musculo-skeletal disorders and train your collaborators with accessible collaborative robots.

Sectors : any industrial sector

Vial Filler: Increase productivity in biochemistry industry

In biochemistry industry, some low-added value tasks can be time-consuming. Biolabo, a company that creates reagents, was looking for the best way to get greater efficiency without lower the impact of lab technician's well-being. They decided to automate vials filling process with Niryo's robotics arm.

Good to know : Niryo robots can reach objects up to 440 mm away

Sector : Biochemistry

Blending for hours is no longer painful

More than 860,000 working days are lost due to work stoppages by employees affected by musculoskeletal disorder in France alone (source : French health insurance). Employee well-being is one of the challenges of Industry 5.0. Thanks to robotics, agribusiness-oriented companies are automating the most painful and low-added value tasks.

Good to know : Niryo's team provide advice to seamlessly integrate robotics arms into industries

Sector : Agriculture / agri-food industry

Applying labels : the lesser add-value tasks ever

To the competition of the task with the lowest added value, applying labels can be our winner. Transferring this mission to industrial robotics arms will increase productivity. Shift your collaborators towards high-value tasks by automating some of your industrial or semi-industrial processes.

Good to know : Niryo robotics arms can carry up to 300g

Sector : Services industry

Cable cutting : keep precision no matter what with robots

Robotics arms can efficiently cut cables when your employees focus on high-value tasks. They can program them easily with our software interface. Our Human-to-Machine Interface (HMI) is one of the most valuable part of Niryo's collaborative robots. Don't lose time on programming or training, you will be efficient with cobots.

Good to know : Niryo Studio is a graphical HMI. It allows a fast and direct control of Niryo's collaborative robots with an external computer.

Sector : Retail

Automation of caps fastening : a versatile robot is the answer

Big industrial robots have many constraints : they need spaces, protection and are complex to program. By choosing a six-axis robotics arms, companies focus on efficiency and automation of small low value tasks.

Good to know : Niryo robotics arms can be re-programmed easily if you need to change their finality

Sector : Construction and public works