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Our history

Our history

Niryo, expert startup in desktop robotic arms

Niryo is recognized internationally for its accessible hardware and software solutions, as well as for its teams cultivating both commitment and proximity.

Conveyor Belt

Our history

A French and innovative company

Since its creation, the company has succeeded in its desire to democratize cobotics and its promotion of new robotics, which Marc-Henri Frouin, CEO of Niryo, dreams of being more sustainable, more resilient, and above all, more human.

Marc-Henri Frouin, - Niryo CEO

“The human factor must be placed at the center of a rational and efficient production. Its contribution is essential and must be protected.”

Marc-Henri Frouin,
CEO of Niryo

In a nutshell

Niryo develops and offers a complete ecosystem making it possible to rely on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, image processing or cloud computing to help build the industry of tomorrow and its uses. 

  • artificial intelligence
  • image processing
  • cloud computing

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Our history

Our journey


Release of Ned2 and international confirmation

A rugged version of Ned called Ned2 allows Niryo to cross the milestone of 70 export countries. Research, training, technical and higher education: many players call on our collaborative robots for professional use that pushes the limits of the imagination.


Fundraising of 3 million euros and launch of Ned

After several years of self-financing and double-digit growth, fundraising allows us to accelerate our development. We then designed our second collaborative robot for the world of education: Ned.
A second move to Wambrechies, on the outskirts of Lille, allows Niryo to adapt to the growth in the workforce and the sophistication of its production environment.


First cobotic ecosystem

Two years after the launch of the Niryo One, we are launching the Vision Set and the Conveyor to allow it to prototype many industrial uses.


First move!

Driven by growth that defied initial forecasts, Niryo left its ISEN premises in March 2018 to settle at the heart of Euratechnologies, also integrating the Scale accelerator program, enabling it to support its national and international development.


Kickstarter, the kick-off

To launch our first collaborative robot, Niryo One, we created a Kickstarter campaign.
The robot convinced the public and the campaign achieved its goal in a single day, going up to 400% of it at the end of the fundraising campaign!

Our history

A startup at the service of Tomorrow

Composed of around forty employees embodied by a common and innovative vision, Niryo puts its expertise at the service of tomorrow by promoting robotics and a reasoned industry, which puts people and the planet back at the heart of its concerns.

The recent entry of the sector into the new paradigm represented by Industry 5.0 encourages Niryo to rethink robotics and industry as they were in the past and, above all, to act to respond to current ecological and social emergencies.

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