Conveyor Belt (v2)

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Prototype an industrial production line with this autonomous Conveyor.

Composed of an infra-red module, a slope, 6 manipulable objects, an end stopper, an optional control box and 4 markers, allowing you to recreate a workspace and interact with our Vision Set (product sold separately). 


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Conveyor belt for educational and research robot

The Conveyor Belt (v2) enables you to learn how an industrial production line works by reproducing it on a small scale.

We have rethought the structure of the Conveyor Belt (v2) in order to offer a powerful and easy to set up magnetic holding system, allowing you to focus only on your Industry 4.0 oriented projects.

The Conveyor Belt (v2) is accompanied by its Control Box for independent use. 

Compatible with Niryo One, Ned and Ned2.

Main features:

  • Bidirectional drive (forward and backward)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Autonomous

Controlling the Conveyor Belt (v2):

With the robot

  1. Connect the Conveyor to Niryo One, Ned or Ned2.
  2. Choose your programming method (Niryo Studio, PyNiryo, PyNiryoROS…).
  3. You are ready to control your production line.

Optional: Mount the IR sensor on the conveyor and connect it to the robot


  1. Connect the control box to a power source
  2. Connect it to your Conveyor (v2)
  3. Control your Conveyor (v2) in full autonomy, by adjusting its speed thanks to the potentiometer present on the box. 

Optional : Mount the IR sensor on the conveyor & connect it to the control box.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 790 × 310 × 150 mm


Conveyor Belt (v2)
Effective Delivering Distance 700 mm
Dimensions 712 mm × 225 mm × 60 mm
Direction of movement Bidirectional
Maximum speed 70 mm/s
Maximum payload 2 kg
Control Method Niryo One Studio / Niryo Studio / PyNiryo / PyNiryoRos / Niryo One Modbus / Arduino
IR sensor
Power 5 V
Signal Digital output
Range 6 cm – 80 cm


User manual

MODBUS Python API Documentation