Collaborative robots, made for professionals from various backgrounds and with different needs

Automation, professional training, research: cobots are always here to assist… and here to stay!

A single cobot is fair, a complete ecosystem is far better.

An easy-to-use conveyor belt makes one's learning process exciting! Say goodbye to monotony with your own scenarios.

With the help of objects (even custom ones), only sky is your limit.

Challenge yourself against a robot: advanced research entertains!

According to you, why could one consider that a collaborative robot is a companion, way beyond a simple learning tool?

One answer: entertainment. This scenario mixing Connect 4 and robotics was made possible thanks to the use of an AI developed by French academics (Université Lyon 1).

To train with flexibility : Deutsche Bahn did it!

Modern professional training can only be a complete success when these two criteria meet:

  • Tech awareness
  • Enabled practical application with reasonable means and/or little prior expertise.

Deutsche Bahn trusts Niryo to train their technical staff and to allow them to achieve professional fulfillment (more info).

Teach a cobot how to label

To witness a cobot move an object is not a peculiar reality, thanks to its gripper or its vacuum pump. Beyond moving objects, actions requiring pressure can be performed automatically, as shown in the video.

This scenario is fully and easily deployable in class and in professional training environments.

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