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  • Niryo One, a 6-axis collaborative robot arm
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  • A Conveyor Belt

Niryo One, an accessible educational robot, just for you

3D printed, 6 axis, Open source

What our customers say about Niryo One

product review customer

The Niryo One is simply amazing. It’s designed around open source, supported by a friendly and knowledgeable team, and constructed of off-the-shelf and 3D-printed parts. This robot is simple enough to get started with robotics, but extensible enough to use in complex projects.

Christopher Keener, Founder, kamo, inc., Japan
product review customer

Building the Niryo One and seeing how it was designed was a great experience. And now I can experiment with a real robot arm.

Keith Woeltje, Healthcare Informaticist who works with robots as a hobby, USA
product review customer

Niryo One is the perfect robot to help students discover robotics. Thanks to the very intuitive programming interface, they can learn about robotics manipulation use cases, and then programming and robotics communication.

This is the ideal product to make students want to learn more. That's why we are using it from our first-year to last-year classes.

Annemarie Kokosy, Responsible of the Robotics team & research, ISEN, France




Program the robot in less than 5 minutes

Here’s Niryo One Studio, the free desktop application to use the robot. You can easily create complete programs with the Niryo Block interface. Based on Blockly (also similar to Scratch).

Niryo One Studio - Blockly

Made for education

Niryo One is more than a robot, it is an open source solution created for education with a set of educational resources useful to realize many projects and industrial demonstrators.

Reproduce industrial use cases

Use the robot to test an automated line with industrial machines. You can easily connect the robot with other devices. Industrial prototyping is finally within reach.

Niryo One - Industrial Use Case

Create a complete Arduino or Raspberry Pi robotic project

With an external Arduino or Raspberry Pi board, you can synchronously control multiple Niryo One robots. Also another way to create small assembly lines, automated games, and anything that can be done with robotic arms.

Robotic Arduino Project with Niryo One

A robot powered by…

arduino logo
raspberry pi logo
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Why Niryo One?

Industrial robots are great for their purpose: production and precision. However, their price are really still too high. An industrial robot will cost you between
20 000€ and 200 000€

Do you need such a robot for teaching and learning robotics ?

Niryo One photo - 01

Get your Niryo One

1999,00 $ ex.VAT (+ free Standard Gripper)

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You can also order a Full Kit, to assemble yourself.