Our new 6-axis collaborative robot arm designed for Education & Research

Ned’s ecosystem

supports teachers, students and researchers
towards Industry 4.0.
thanks to its Vision Set & its Conveyor Belt

Learn robotics

Learn about robotics, mechanics, electronics, programming, 3D printing, and much more.

Teach efficiently

With a genuine robot, your students will practice more and get more involved.

Train for industry 4.0

Train students to use collaborative robots and work with small production lines.

Based on open-source technologies

logo ubuntu
logo ROS
logo raspberry pi
logo arduino

For improved robustness, precision & repeatability (0.5mm).

6 axis

For versatility. Reproduce any movement required in the most complex industry 4.0 processes.

Aluminum structure

For improved robustness, precision & repeatability (0.5mm).

A solution that fits your needs

Industrial robots are great for their purpose: production.

However, such robots are expensive and provide specifications that are oversized for any educational purpose, and many research projects.

Our ecosystem is designed to provide the best solution to learn and teach robotics related topics.


Control Ned with Niryo Studio

Easily create your programs and control Ned with a Blockly interface that allows you to assemble blocks using drag&drop. No specific skill required.

Or do it your own way

Python, C++, MATLAB, ROS, MODBUS… Use your favorite way to control Ned.

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