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How to launch a simulation of Niryo One?

We provide all the necessary information about ROS simulation on our GitHub. If you need more details about ROS, Rviz or Gazebo, please visit

How to create circular or continuous trajectories?

There is no specific function for defining continuous trajectories (eg. Circular trajectories). As the Niryo One defines a path to reach a specified point, you can mimic a continuous trajectory by providing a set of discrete points (x,y,z) and use the "move_pose" command in a loop over these positions.

How to use MATLAB to control the Niryo One?

Please follow the Readme description on our GitHub. Once you have the application launched and installed, you can use the IP address of your Niryo One to control it.

How to solve the "Controller failed during execution : Goal has been aborted." error?

First, you can debug your motors using our tutorial. If this does not solve your problem, the motor could need to be changed.

How to control the grippers opening?

You can specify the opening width as the acceleration of the motor by modifying this file.

How to upgrade the motor of the gripper to a DXL430?

If you want to change the motor for another version, you need to use the DXL430 driver and modify the following files : dxl_communciation.cpp, dxl_communication.hpp, niryo_one_communication.cpp and ros_interface.hpp.
You can check the functions for the DXL320 and create the same functions for your new DXL430.
Then, to link it to ROS, you need to modify this package.
Unfortunately, as we did not make this modification by ourselves, we cannot help much deeper for this particular case.

How to test the feasability of my project with the Niryo One?

You can use CoppeliaSim, which is a simulation software that includes the Niryo One. You will be able to simulate your project with the Niryo One and define if it fits your requirements.

How to solve the "Missing Dynamixel motor(s) on the robot" error?

First, you can debug your motors using our tutorial. If this does not solve your problem, the motor could need to be changed.

The shield and the cables I received seems to be different than the assembly guide.

We improved the shield and its connectors to ease the assembly and improve the overall quality. The multiple white connectors have been replaced by a single black connector.

Do you have some materials about the DH Parameters?

As we use MoveIt to control the Niryo One, we do not have the DH parameters but the URDF.

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We provide worlwide shipping.

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