At Niryo, we democratize robotics and industry 4.0.

We have designed collaborative robot arms to support Education and Research on topics related to collaborative robotics. We provide many educational resources and a software designed to make robotics accessible to the actors of tomorrow.

Drawing on this experience, we also design industrial cobotic solutions composed of robot arms, vision, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. These new generation solutions allow today's players to gain agility with an industry 4.0 orientation.

Niryo's team : robotics experts

Marc-Henri frouin founder niryo robotics startup
Lise cuny robotics head of production niryo
Sylvain Zakrzewski robotics engineer niryo
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The beginning

Marc-Henri Frouin and Edouard Renard, engineers recently graduated from ISEN and passionate about new technologies, decide to create Niryo. Robotics is a technology that must be accessible to everyone.


Kickstarter, the springboard

We launch a Kickstarter campaign for our first collaborative robot, the Niryo One.

The robot, still in development, convinces the public and the campaign achieves its goal in a single day, going up to 400% of it at the end of the fundraising campaign!


Moving to Euratechnologies, Lille

Due the increase of the number of orders, of our development and, consequently, the lack of space, Niryo leaves its ISEN premises in March 2018 to settle in Euratechnologies. The company also integrates the business accelerator program SCALE.


Launch of Niryo One

After two years of research and development, and driven by a more than successful KickStarter campaign, the Niryo One is officially available for sale to everyone on our website.


Development of an industrial solution

Because our goal has not changed, we start the development of an industry-oriented cobotic solution.


Launch of Niryo One's ecosystem

Two years after the launch of the Niryo One, we launch the Vision Set and the Conveyor Belt.

The first allows users to interact with the environment of the robot through image processing functions, and the second allows users to prototype production lines.


Fundraising of 3 million euros

After several years of self-financing, each year with a growth exceeding 100%, fundraising allows us to accelerate the development of our industrial solution.


Launch of Ned

Facing an increasing demand for the Niryo One, we launch our second collaborative robot for Education: Ned.

This cobot brings many improvements to the Niryo One, such as an accuracy and repeatability of 0.5mm allowed by the use of an aluminum structure.

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