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Welcome to our press and public relations portal.
We are available to journalists and tech influencers for articles, publications and broadcast projects concerning, among others:

The development of collaborative robotics in France and around the world

The reindustrialization of territories

The industry and its new concepts (smart factories, industry 5.0)

Robotics education and technical vocational training

The various technological developments related to robotics.

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Latest notable releases:

Safety Innnov (France)
Marc-Henri Frouin, CEO de Niryo : les bras robotisés pour automatiser vos tâches !
RCF (France)
Comment rendre l’industrie plus sexy ?
RTS (Suisse)
En France, la réindustrialisation passe par l’emploi et les investissements
Techniques de l’ingénieur (France)
“Nous souhaitons que notre robot soit aussi facile à utiliser qu’un smartphone”
RTBF (Belgique)
Les cobots s’installent dans le paysage industriel
Frédéric Boisdron (Planète Robots, France)
Ned2 : déballage et unboxing

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Niryo Studio 2 Beta

Discover our new ultra-intuitive interface for developing your robotic potential. Many new features :

- Integration of a Python IDE
- 3D preview
and more ...