Niryo Start Guide.



Simple, intuitive and accessible – these are the words that describe Start Guide.

They’ve been created to give you all the keys you need to get started in the fields you want.

Whether it’s electronics, simulation, programming or artificial intelligence, we’ve got you covered.

Niryo Curriculum.


Complete course designed for classroom

Niryo develops courses and lessons to facilitate teaching in different fields and at different levels of study, to help you create your own courses.

Niryo relies on a community of teachers to build relevant courses that meet your teaching needs for your students.


Niryo project based learning.


Easily put your lessons into practice

In these bundles, Niryo integrates learning projects which, through a variety of scenarios, enable the practical application of theoretical subjects covered in class.

It’s easy for a teacher to build his or her practical work around these training needs through our hands-on learning projects.

included to discovery bundle

Niryo Formation.


Remote personal guidance

Take part in our various training courses, to learn how to use our equipment in your classroom and with your students. Niryo supports you in your use by training you in its products

included to discovery bundle