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The software NiryoStudio is only compatible with Windows10 and beyond.

The Ned2 is compatible with the most robust version of Ros, Ros Noetic. This version of Ros requires to be on Ubuntu 20.04

As the robot software is open-source, you can use an arduino to control the Ned2. It will allow you to create more complex applications.
You can find a tutorial of this in the following link : Control Ned with an Arduino Board — Tutorials & Applications v1.0.0 documentation (

Technical specifications

You can use a power bank with your Ned2. Just make sure you respect the output ratings of the robot. You will find all the electrical specifications in the following link : Electrical interface — Ned2 User Manual v1.0.0 documentation (

The motors used on the Ned2 are dynamixels. Those are servo-motors that are pre programmed to do specific tasks. You will find a tutorial to setup your dynamixel by yourself in the following link : DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 (


You can use Modbus to control the Ned2. In the link below, you will find all the registers and specification you need to use Modbus:

You can program with a lot of ways to control the Ned2, such as : Blockly, Python (via Pyniryo package), Python ROS wrapper, ROS, Modbus or Matlab.

ou first need to make sure your Python is in version 3.9 at least and you need to have the Numpy package.
Once you have all that, you just need to download the corresponding package. You will find the tutorials to download the package here:
Pyniryo : Installation — PyNiryo v1.1.2 documentation
Pyniryo 2 : Installation — PyNiryo2 v1.0.0 documentation

There is a demo program pre installed in the Ned2. You just have to press the top button on the robot base to launch it.

Pyniryo and Pyniryo2 allow you to program your robot remotely via Python 3. However, Python Ros wrapper lets you program and run your python code directly in the robot. You will need Niryo Studio or a ssh terminal to be able to launch the programs.

Tutorial and use case

You can control your Ned2 with any kind of control you want. You just have to make sure your computer can detect your controller. Here is a tutorial of how you can control your robot

The conveyor can work separately from the Ned2 using a control box. As it also an open-source device, you can control it with an arduino board too :Control the Conveyor Belt with an Arduino Board — Tutorials & Applications v1.0.0 documentation (

You can simulate the Ned2 with other software like Matlab, Webot or RoboDK. Using simulation can let you program without having a Ned2 near you.


The warranty of the Ned2 lasts 1 year.

In the case you have a question for the support team, you can contact it by completing this form or sending them an e-mail at the adress Our team makes its best to come back to you under 24 hours.

If you have any problem with your Ned2, you can contact the support team of Niryo. Its purpose is to help you use our products the best way possible and to answer any of your questions.

If your robot is still under warranty you will not have to pay for anything, Niryo will try to fix your robot for free. However you will have to pay if the warranty has ended.

We want to make sure you will have the best experience with your robot. In the case you want to send us your robot for repair, Niryo makes sure to fix it and send it back to you in under 2 weeks.

he Ned2 is not meant to be disassembled frequently. You need to have the support or sales team approval to modify or fix your robot by yourself. If you decide to do it by yourself, you have to know that this will end the warranty.


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