IA Vision Training

Niryo integrates vision tools with its Ned2.
We have developed our own vision kit that enables us to detect shapes and colors, as well as address and study topics such as image recognition, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Vision set

With the Vision Set, Ned2 gains the ability to detect objects and interact with the ones you choose.

This advanced feature opens up opportunities to study image recognition, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the contributions of vision technology.

Accessible programming.

Niryo makes learning image recognition with its robot open source and accessible, and lets you retrieve the robot’s built-in camera stream via our PyNiryo API.

So you’re free to create all kinds of image recognition and machine learning programs with the robot.

A wide range of possibilities.

Use your favorite image processing tools to create your algorithms. Niryo uses OpenCV with its vision set for pattern recognition and image processing.

Create your own applications with Tensor Flow, PyTorch, or even a Nvidia Jetson connected to the robot for 3D camera use, and feel free to integrate your algorithms with robot control commands.

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