Introduction to robotics

We had the opportunity to visit Newton College & Career Academy in the USA.
Find out how they’re using our 6-axis robotic arms to introduce robotics to a wide range of classes: engineering, automation and more.

A good way to introduce students to robotics

We had the chance to chat with Zachary Pitts, lead instructor for robotics and automation at Newton College and Career Academy.

The school was introduced to the Ned2 6-axis robotic arm at the TechnologyStudent Association conference.

About the Ned2 Zachary Pitts states:
“I discovered that the Ned 2 is a spectacular platform for introducing students to the world of robotics. Once we acquired the robotic arms, we developed a curriculum and challenges for students to complete in order to learn what the Ned 2 is all about.”

Mr Pitts also indicates “With the local industry here in Newton County, the Niryo robot seems to be a really good fit for the entry level training of robotics as they move into more advanced level robotics. The applications are really versatile with this robot.”

A wide range of uses and exercises

During our visit to the school, we were able to see that our Ned2 robots were being used by many different sections and for many different exercises.

On this subject, Zachary Pitts explains:

“The applications (NiryoStudio) are really versatile with this robot. It goes from just standard pick in place to many others things. The touch panel where you can move the robot and it records its directions.

We also integrated the camera and learned how to triangulate the camera and those applications, really bridge over into industry.”

“One of our main partners that we have is SRG global and they are robotics and automation specialists that work in the car industry, and they use these, similar robots like this to use cameras to integrate and pick and place.”

A robot that keeps students engaged

Mr Pitts also shared with us the highlights of the Ned2 robotic arm for students:

“The Ned2 robots and the software are a really for students to learn.”

“Any manufacturing, robotics and automation or engineering class, for that matter, looking for an affordable way to teach robotics and automation should consider the Ned2.

The reasons are: it’s versatile. It’s easy to program. It is quick to advance from novice to mastery, and also it keeps the students engaged in a worthwhile endeavor that links what we learn in the classroom to what industry is currently offering and needing.”

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