Custom Gripper
Gripping all size objects.

Customize the jaws yourself
Included with Ned2
Operating width 43mm
Easy connect tool
Inside the box
Use the large gripper

Limited only by your creativity

Powerful grip.

This gripper has 3D printed jaws that are screwed and mounted on the end effector.

In order to offer you a complete flexibility, we can provide you STL files to 3D print and screw the jaws according to your use case!


Plug and Pick and Place.

Magnetic easy connect tool.

The insertion of the gripper in the robot has been changed
to a magnetic tip, it enables the grippers to be changed
in a faster and efficient way.

Do you want to 3D print your own jaws?

No worries, you can just plug your custom gripper and you are ready to discover all the possibilities Ned2 can offer you.

It’s easy, convenient and very addictive.

Tech. specs.

Get more attention from your students for effective practice.

Compact equipment. Bold learning.

Develop your own 3D-printed pliers jaws with this gripper.
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