User-centred design

An intuitive interface.

Ergonomic control panel

Programmable robot in no code! Thanks to the control panel located on the wrist of the robot : Move the robot by hand, save a position in Niryo Studio. Customize a button according to your needs

Easy connect system

Magnetic attachment system, simplifying the your tools and accessories.

Bright visual feedback

A range of colors to warn you of all type of events useful during your use

back panel

Open and accessible, the Ned 2 back panel allows you to connect your accessories but also to interface all your electronic circuits and an infinite number of sensors to leave room for your most complex projects

Sounds of important events

A library of sounds that give you the most important information such as connection and collisions

Silent Stepper technology

Ned 2 is a 6-axis robotic arm inspired from the best collaborative robots. It is used by professionals to develo
proof of concepts and experiment the future
of the industry and robotics.

Niryo Studio 2

A dedicated app.

Niryo Studio, our unique experience to discover robotic.

Ned 2 comes with Niryo Studio 2, our fully redesigned application that enhances your robot capacities… and this is just the beginning of a new robotic era.


Niryo Studio 2 Beta

Discover our new ultra-intuitive interface for developing your robotic potential. Many new features :

- Integration of a Python IDE
- 3D preview
and more ...