Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Niryo One is no longer available.
Meet its successor, Ned, which has many improvements.

Description and Technical specification+

A vacuum pump is very efficient for fast and reliable pick and place, and allows you to pick some objects that a normal gripper can’t pick. Ex : take out the cover of a flat box, move soda cans from the top, pick and place large objects with a flat surface.

Most vacuum pumps are making so much noise, you just can’t stand and work near the robot, it is too disturbing. The pump we’ve developed is different : it’s operating silently, with the same efficiency as a vacuum pump, for the same price. A servomotor actuates a syringe which pumps the air out.

We’ve also made a custom Niryo box for this vacuum pump !

Weight (on the end effector tool)5 g
Length (box)125 mm
Suction cup diameter20 mm
Picking distance from end effector base20 mm
Servo motor includedDynamixel XL-320
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