What would you use a personal robot for ?

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Pour quelles applications utiliseriez-vous un robot personnel ?

Robots are already everywhere. A computer is a robot, a TV is a robot, a cooking machine is a robot… Here we’ll speak about more advanced robots, that can do many things, and be more “intelligent” than a simple vacuum cleaner.

Imagine that you can get a nice little personal robot, which can grasp things, handle complex tasks, communicate with you, and be connected to your home and to the Internet.

What would you use a personal robot for ?

A personal robot to help you at home

Tired to do some repetitive and boring tasks every single day ? Well, a robot could help you in many ways :

  • Clean anything automatically on a regular basis
  • Do the laundry
  • Cook meals with fresh food, or
  • Help you to cook, by cutting vegetables, mixing things
  • Manage the fridge and ordering food, with an algorithm to reduce waste
  • Give snacks and drinks to your guests in a party
  • Feed your pets when you are not at home
  • And many more use cases to create…

You love DIY projects ? Then you may know that some manipulations are quite difficult alone, and there are definitively some really boring tasks to do. A personal robot would make your life easier :

  • Hold a PCB board while you are soldering
  • Give you the right tool in the right time
  • Clean your workspace

A personal robot to introduce new technologies to children and students

Robotics is great for technological education. Children are now surrounded with electronics and new technologies, it can be hard for them to understand that, and how things work.

With an accessible personal robot, which can move, and/or speak, they can learn while having fun.

Thus they will be ready for the next step – school – and will not likely to be lost by all new technology stuff they will have to deal with.

An accessible personal robot for students will allow them to work on much better and interesting projects. When the robot they are programming is moving in real life, it is much more rewarding than just a log line on a screen.

Personal robots : it’s just the beginning

All those use cases might seem a little bit futuristic and out of reach, but they will be truly accessible soon for everyone.

You want to start living the future now ? Check out Niryo One, an accessible robot which will take part in the next robotics revolution!

After personal computers, personal robots will allow you to take the next step.

Now, what would you use a personal robot for ?