Niryo Studio

Niryo Studio

Niryo Studio is a graphical HMI. It allows a fast and direct control with an external computer.

Its purpose is to provide users with a complete and simple interface for cobot motion, programming, and status.

Through Niryo Studio, users can:

  • Manage and set their cobot’s parameters
  • Control their cobot’s motion
  • Program their cobot using Blockly
  • Execute a program
  • Manage, set, control and program their cobot’s accessories
  • Manage, set, control and program their cobot’s add-ons

Did you know? Niryo has been the first to offer this software format, pioneering in the field of robotic ease of use with Blockly.

Download Niryo Studio

Versions available for PC,
Mac, and linux.
32 and 64 Bits

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Niryo Studio Documentation

Read and download as Pdf the User Manual

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