Some news after our first week on Kickstarter

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Quelques nouvelles après notre première semaine sur Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign is now finished, and it’s a success !

First of all thanks to all the people who supported us on Kickstarter, financially and by spreading the word ! A lot of medias spoke about the robot Niryo one last week, from all over the world :

And… we’ve already reached 150% of our funding goal ! Let’s continue to unlock the 60k€ stretch goal (300%), which is the development of a video processing application ! If we hit this goal, we’ll develop this feature for September, so your robot can be a lot more intelligent.

Niryo at MakerFaire

Last weekend we were standing at Grenoble MakerFaire. More than 10,000 persons came to this event, which is a lot !

We were literally surrounded with enthusiast people during all the week end, which is great. Makers, developers, students, families, teachers : everyone went to see Niryo One in action.

We met many passionate makers who came to introduce their project : 3D printer, hexapod, educational kit, retro gaming, … That was a nice opportunity to discover what other people do, and we were amazed at some cool and useful projects.


A community of passionate people

After this event we are even more motivated to build a community around Niryo One. We saw a lot of people who wanted to be part of Niryo robotics project. The idea to participate in an open source project, to customize the mechanical and software part of the robot with open source files and code, was really interesting for some people.

We will continue to give you a lot of updates to let you know about Niryo One’s development (subscribe to our newsletter to get even more exclusive updates). After we release all the files and code (September), we’ll happily welcome your feedback and take it into account to build a better product and service. We will also make some fun contests to let you win some prizes and expose the use case you created with Niryo One.

On our way to democratize robotics

We are now sure that democratizing robotics is the way to go, so everyone can reproduce industrial use cases at home, and learn new technologies with an accessible robot. We really believe that it will open people’s mind about technological education, and make it easier and much more fun.

We got many feedbacks on the robot, that allowed us to have a better understanding of what is more important to develop. If you read this and have any suggestion/remark, feel free to contact us, we’ll read and respond to you quickly !


Niryo One is now available on our website !