Ned2, six-axis desktop
robot arm


A complete ecosystem
designed for education, research and prototyping

Niryo pioneered in the field of desktop collaborative robots:

  • 6 axes to combine repeatability and flexibility
  • A robust aluminum structure
  • Optimized interactions
  • A wide choice of accessories
Cobot : bras robotisé Ned 2

Niryo Studio, code and no-code software

  • To calibrate and control your robot
  • To control your accessories
  • To manage your programs
  • To manage your updates

Choosing Niryo means opting for…

Robot 6 axes à prix compétitif

An affordable price

We believe that cutting-edge collaborative robotics is possible without sacrificing budget, and we are making it a reality.

Une documentation riche

An extensive technical documentation

Updated daily, accessible at any time: our Niryo Docs knowledge base facilitates your robotic use.

Service client avant et après vente

Pre-sales & after-sales customer service

Your project matters to you, and matters to us: benefit from support throughout your use.

Is Ned2 made for you?

Logo bras robotisé Ned2 6 axes
Flèche bleueTeach and research3 étoiles
Flèche bleuePrototype and test Industry 5.0 use cases3 étoiles
Flèche bleueRobotics training3 étoiles
Flèche bleueAutomation of repetitive tasks2 étoiles
Flèche bleueManipulate objects over a long range2 étoiles
ned 2 conveyor belt

Customer testimonials

ITII Vernon and Mecavenir: educational robotics to train the managers and engineers of tomorrow

Our engineering school has chosen to invest in 20 Niryo robots in order to allow each apprentice to program his own. They are used for different lessons such as mechanics, mathematics, programming of embedded systems, and of course robotics.

Hakim Latrache,
ITII Vernon and Mecavenir

Avosdim and Niryo: a Smart Factory approach made possible by cobotics

The robot is easy to apprehend, anyone can program it and for us it is perfect. When we make a mistake, we can rectify it quickly.

Gaël Chèné,

Deutsche Bahn and Niryo: vocational training facilitated by cobots

Digital transformation interests us from a business point of view, but it is also important to us in the field of professional training because it raises awareness of lean methods

Marcel Häßler
Deutsche Bahn

They trust us:

This is the number of countries that have adopted our cobots.


This is the number of collaborative robots that have won their users’ hearts.


This is the number of employees building a brighter future every day!

About Niryo

Niryo is a French startup designing and engineering desktop collaborative robots for professionals in search of automation, research and training. The company is today renowned within and beyond its borders.

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