Learn Programming.

Ned2 supports both Blockly and Python programming languages.
Whether you’re a programming beginner or on your way to becoming an expert, this will allow you to take your programming skills to the next level.

Blockly Programming.

Niryo has developed its own blockly programming blocks, so you can control the robot and interact with its sensors and accessories as easily as possible. It’s a great way to learn programming and create your own programs very quickly.

Python 3

Python is the world’s most widely used programming language.
Originally dedicated to education and science, it now finds applications in various fields, unlocking endless possibilities.
With our Niryo Studio App, you can convert your Blockly programs into Python and start a step-by-step journey to learn programming with Python 3


Niryo has developed its own Python functions, accessible through our PyNiryo 2 API. These functions enable easy robot control in Python, with pre-defined options for Pick and Place tasks and vision capabilities.

PyNiryo 2 serves as an excellent tool for learning Python programming and easily starting robot control with this language. Moreover, we ensured compatibility with the latest Python 3 version.


Niryo has integrated ROS into these robots, offering a solid foundation for robot programming by simplifying hardware management, promoting modularity and providing a complete development ecosystem thanks to its active community. 

This makes it a wise choice for those wishing to learn robotics or develop advanced robotic applications.

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