About us

Deep tech

We gather talented people with specific strong expertise and requirement.

Mechanical engineering.

Our mechanical engineers specialized in robotics embody technological innovation. Their expertise encompasses the design of precise mechanical structures, the creation of sophisticated control systems, constant innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Their expertise is essential to the progress of our robots.



Our software engineers are the experts who bring our robots to life, developing kinematics and motion planning algo’s optimized for the robot.
They design our own robotic control systems, integrating the latest technologies available to our customers.

All our software developers are fully connected to the Internet, enabling us to collect a wide range of data and monitor robot performance.

Embedded systems.

Our on-board system engineers are true electronics experts, designing our own PCBs, schematics and routing for all the boards that integrate our robots.

They select, size and test all components on the boards before production. To do this, they develop our electronic board test benches so that each board can be tested before production, and they also design our own bootloaders and firmware that integrate our boards.



Our motor engineers size, select and test all the motors used in our robots to ensure that they achieve the desired performance for our robots.

They use professional test benches to stress-test motors and ensure they are correctly sized for the robot.

Application software.

Our software application experts developing Niryo Studio have integrated many cutting-edge technologies into our software, making it cross-platform. The integration of a 3D viewer designed with Unity as well as a complete Python IDE within the software itself, all with a simple and intuitive graphic interface. They have also developed an auto-update system for our robots and made various connection modes available to them.