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Whether you’re a teacher or student at secondary school or university,
or even in a research or R&D prototyping lab, Niryo adapts to your needs and uses.

High School.

Niryo robots were developed in collaboration with educators and experts to cater to the unique needs of classrooms and STEM robotics program.
By equipping students with fundamental programming knowledge and skills, Niryo is committed to offer a seamless transition from high school to higher education engineering studies.

Universities and Technical Schools

Niryo has developed tailored robotic arm solutions in collaboration with professors and experts, enabling students to delve into complex robotics concepts.
At Niryo, our primary goal is to guarantee that when students complete their higher studies, they possess the skills and are completely ready to effectively operate industry-specific equipment.

PhD Programs

The journey in a PhD program is never as straightforward as when it is supported by relevant and innovative tools.
Thanks to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness, Niryo collaborative robots are the best companions of PhD candidates throughout their projects.

Research & Development

Niryo robots are well-suited for research purposes due to their user-friendly interfaces, adaptability, and collaborative capabilities.
Researchers can easily program and customize those arm robots to match their projects by creating a dynamic and productive research environment.

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