Niryo Studio 2:
Robotics for everyone.

Watch the announcement.

Empower talents, discover robotics and program like a pro.

Robotics have never been easier.

Create a pick and place, switch grippers, access the vision recognition, setup a conveyor. It’s a breeze!

Plug & play solution

Setup your 6 axis robot in no time with Niryo Studio 2. Scan all your connected accessories and connect them to your favorite applications.

A 3D preview live time.

Niryo has developed a new 3D preview with Unity. This digital twin helps to understand every action of your program better. You can follow your robot’s motions in different angles, zoom in, zoom out, it’s totally your call.

Adjust trajectory with high precision.

Using our Direct Move tool, you can make precise adjustments to the TCP (Tool Center Point) position before picking up or placing an object. Once you’ve saved the position, you can integrate it into your program for seamless execution.

Unlimited possibilities for any expertise levels.

Niryo Studio 2 strives to simplify the creation of complex programs with the help of Blockly. Create loops, use variables, and perform mathematical calculations with ease. Additionally, our Vision-Set includes object detection AI, which you can integrate into your program.

A Smooth Navigation.

Our application has been developed with a fresh, new identity.
You can quickly find everything you need at the right place.

All your features at a glance…

… and an intuitive dashboard to access all programs that matter to you.

Scan and use.

Take advantage of your ecosystem of tools and accessories. Niryo Studio 2 helps you managing all the settings of your external devices.

Save and play.

Find all your programs, positions, trajectories, workspaces and userframes in one place. Open them using Blockly or play them directly  from your library.

Exclusively available now in Beta-test for Ned2 users.

Discover how to upgrade and install.

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