Adaptive Gripper – Ned2

Adaptive Gripper – Ned2

An adaptative gripper designed for educational robot

With this gripper compatible only with Ned2 robot, you can grab non-standard objects that are difficult to handle with other grippers: round objects, pens, apples, eggs, etc.

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You can be sure that the object will be correctly caught in the center of the gripper.

This gripper is perfect for fragile objects, or when the shape is not regular. You can also grab hollow objects from the inside (e.g. aluminum tube).

The insertion of the gripper in the robot has been changed to a magnetic tip, it enables the grippers to be changed in a faster and efficient way.

Gripper adaptative

Technical Specifications and parcel+

Technical Specifications

Max operating width97.49 mm
MotorXL330 Servomoteur
Weight83 g
Power Supply5 V
Operating temperature5-45°C


Dimensions130 × 70 × 70 mm


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