Classroom Pack 5
Perfect for getting started.

Inside your pack
+ 3 hours advanced support
Full teaching capacities
From 5 to 10 students
Packaged solution

Receive, install, teach.

Adapted equipment.

The classroom pack 5 is perfect for getting started in a small classroom, if you don’t have a lot of space and want to work with 5 to 10 students in pairs per robot and build a mini-factory with multi-robot interaction.

Learning opportunities.

Pack designed to equip you and adapt to your needs. At Niryo, we are committed to helping you with your installation, and with these packages
we offer you tailor-made support.

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Need a custom pack?

If you’d like us to design a customized pack for you, or if you need personalized support, call us and one of our advisors will take care of you.

Because our customers are our priority, Niryo adapts to your equipment needs, helps you set up and start up your robots, and trains your users in our products,