Meet Ned2

Our new collaborative robot arm designed for Industry 4.0 professionals.


6 axis for the best versatility.

Reproduce any movement required in the most complex industry 4.0 processes.

A new aluminum structure

to improve its robustness, precision, and repeatability.


Still powered by open-source technologies to give you complete freedom of evolution.

ROS rpi4 ubuntu

Ned2 is a part of a full ecosystem

thanks to its Conveyor Belt which allows you to prototype production lines. It can be controlled autonomously or through the robot.


The Vision Set

with its on-wrist camera gives Ned2 image recognition capabilities, thanks to which it can interact with its environment.

Easily create your programs and control Ned2

with the Niryo Studio app that allows you to assemble blocks using drag&drop.


Ned2 is supplied with a custom gripper and can handle a lot of different objects.


And with Ned2 EasyConnect system, changing tools has never been easier.

Tool 1 Tool 2 Tool 3 Tool 4

Inside NED2


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