Use cases

Deutsche Bahn and Niryo: vocational training facilitated by cobots

As part of its digital transformation, Deutsche Bahn wanted to extend access to cutting-edge technology within its organization for the purpose of training, but also maintaining skills. Training centers thus benefit from complete ecosystems, at the service of apprentices and experienced technicians.

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Vivoka and Niryo: indisputable AI voice technology

Vivoka was looking for a human-machine interface allowing off-grid use that could be deployed in a professional context. A microphone is integrated into the robot for the demonstration of voice commands, all in compliance with current laws and regulations.

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ITII Vernon and Mecavenir: educational robotics to train the managers and engineers of tomorrow

ITII Vernon and Mécavenir wanted a solution to train the future executives and engineers of the industrial field: objective achieved with the fleets of Niryo collaborative robots! A competition is organized each year within the CFAI, for Mechanical and Production Engineering (MP) training.

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Avosdim and Niryo: a Smart Factory approach made possible by cobotics

The ambition addressed by our six-axis collaborative robot:
Within an industrial SME, reduce error rates by delegating a tedious and repetitive task.

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