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Avosdim and Niryo: a Smart Factory approach made possible by cobotics

use case

The ambition addressed by our six-axis collaborative robot:

Within an industrial SME, reduce error rates by delegating a tedious and repetitive task.

Conveyor Belt

Use case

The process in a nutshell:


When the custom-made bar comes out of the cutting machine, this bar must be identified to be labelled.


The collaborative robot supports this identification: an infrared sensor sends the signal to the robot.


The information is transmitted to the labeler.

use case

The summary of the operation covered by RTBF, a Belgian TV channel:

use case

Why did Avosdim opt for collaborative robotics?

  • Ease of integration
  • Autonomy
  • Preservation of margins
Gaël Chèné, Responsable qualité et industrialisation

The robot is easy to apprehend, anyone can program it and for us it is perfect. When we make a mistake, we can rectify it quickly.

Gaël Chèné,
Quality and Industrialization Manager

use case

About Avosdim

Thanks to a versatile team committed to creating 100% French products, Avosdim imagines and manufactures innovative, modern and high-performance products in its 3,000 m2 factory based within the Hauts-de-France.

Cas d’usage

The elements of our offer that made it possible to respond to this use case:

use case

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