ITII Vernon and Mecavenir: educational robotics to train the managers and engineers of tomorrow

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Cobots at the service of higher education

ITII Vernon and Mécavenir wanted a solution to train the future executives and engineers of the industrial field: objective achieved with the fleets of Niryo collaborative robots! A competition is organized each year within the CFAI, for Mechanical and Production Engineering (MP) training. This competition combines discovery, creativity and simulation.

use case

The process in a nutshell:

Cas usage TII Normandie et Mecavenir


The apprentices are first made aware of the technical capabilities of the robot, software and hardware.

prototyper une ligne de production


The students are then invited to conceptualize a set allowing the routing of the elements, the assembly, as well as the quality control.

contrôle qualité


Finally, the participants have the opportunity to prototype their own production line and operate it.

use case

Below, a video summing up a workshop:

use case

Why opting for collaborative robotics?

  • The available ecosystem and its open source flexibility, allowing to deploy a production and test lines quickly.
  • The compactness of the robots, which can be stored in large numbers and then handled without difficulty within the workshops.
  • The cost of the fleet of collaborative robots, allowing each student to be able to handle a robot comfortably and safely.
Portrait of professor Hakim Latrache, Head of the Embedded Electronics Systems Section

Our engineering school has chosen to invest in 20 Niryo robots in order to allow each apprentice to program his own. They are used for different lessons such as mechanics, mathematics, programming of embedded systems, and of course robotics. Our purchase has allowed, after only one year of use, to train more than 100 apprentices!

Hakim Latrache
Head of the Embedded Electronics Systems Section

Cas d’usage

About ITII Vernon et Mécavenir:

Connected to the needs of industrialists and geared towards new technologies, ITII Vernon trains future engineers by integrating into educational programs the hard and soft skills expected in business as well as the skills that will respond to future societal and technical challenges.

CFAI Mécavenir currently trains more than 1,000 apprentices, called upon to become executives in the industrial field and to take part in the life of an industrial product from its design to its marketing and its recycling, by integrating the issues of sustainable development and social responsibility.

use case

The elements of our offer that made it possible to respond to this use case:

use case

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