Universities and Technical Schools

Niryo has developed tailored robotic arm solutions in collaboration with professors and experts, enabling students to delve into complex robotics concepts.
At Niryo, our primary goal is to guarantee that when students complete their higher studies, they possess the skills and are completely ready to effectively operate industry-specific equipment.

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Polyglot Robot, Unlimited Documentation

Niryo provides more than just a curriculum and easily accessible documentation. Our robots come equipped with a diverse range of open-source hardware and software components, such as Raspberry Pi 4, ROS, Ubuntu and C++

With that being said, students can engage with like-minded individuals, seek assistance when needed, and stay updated on the latest advancements and best practices.

Integrate, Test, Innovate

“What happens when students master all existing programming options? Will their programming journey come to an end?”

Of course not! They still have a world of possibilities to unlock.

Niryo robots are designed to be future-proof, allowing seamless integration of new programming languages, experimentation with innovative hardware and software, and exploration the fascinating world of Artificial intelligence and deep learning.

The Future is now

Imagine students graduating without ever having experienced a real production line during their studies, complicated a little…

While industry visits are valuable, they may not fully prepare students for their future careers. That’s where Niryo comes in.

Niryo have created an ecosystem that provides students with a complete experiential learning opportunity, helping students bridging the gap between theory and real-world application, and preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

NiryoStudio: Never Lose Your Path

Just as in a book, it’s frustrating to lose access to a previous page once you’ve started a new one. The same holds true for programming.

That’s why NiryoStudio empowers students to save all their programs, track their evolution all the way, and access a library of trajectories and positions.

Also, NiryoStudio integrates popular technologies such as Python, enabling students to explore advanced functionalities!

A simulated robot

Thanks to our collaboration with Mathworks and RoboDK, Niryo has developed a simulated robot.

This virtual robot helps not only measuring the differences between virtuality and reality but also test different algorithms, mathematics and IT.

Solution for everyone.

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