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Today’s consumers are more and more demanding and consume in new ways. Emerging, Industry 4.0 answers to this new consumer trend. Customer demand is increasingly specific, varied and variable. Industry 4.0 and collaborative robotics make production more agile and flexible, allowing manufacturers to meet their demands.

This flexibility can be provided by vision, which enables the robot to detect objects and act with those whose characteristics meet specific criteria.

The Vision Set:

The Vision Set gives to the Niryo One the ability to detect objects and select which ones you want to interact with. It includes with a camera and objects of different shapes and colors to allow you to prototype advanced processes of Industry 4.0 thanks to the contributions of vision.

The Workspace, also included in the Vision Set, is designed to operate horizontally, vertically or even tilted. Its design, based on nano-suction technology, makes it adherent and repositionable. Let your imagination speak!

Customize your workspace as you wish with our pdf file and play with sizes and dimensions. The video below shows all the capabilities of our workspace.

Learn the vision:

Our goal is to democrate robotics. This approach, within education, is also reflected in the provision of various curriculumtutorials and demonstrators. Novices or advanced, users can discover, apply and train on the various topics about robotics offered in our educational materials.

Our curriculum:

Click below to discover and download for free our curriculum including the vision practice.

  • Learn how to control the Niryo One and vision essentials with Blockly.
  • Find out how image processing in Python.

Our tutorials:

Using Set Vision with Python now.

Our demonstrators : 

Vision and artificial intelligence: this demonstrator uses Tensorflow, an open-source machine learning tool developed by Google, in order to allow the Niryo One to recognize multiple objects on its workspace, thanks to its Vision Setartificial intelligence, image processing and machine learning.

Vision Tic-Tac-Toe: this demonstrator uses our API TCP Python, the Niryo One as well as our Vision Set.

The image processing allows the robot to detect every object on the workspace, used as the game board, and the AI makes the Niryo One a fearsome opponent, depending on the level of difficulty chosen at the beginning of every game.