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Starter guide

Discover Niryo One.
This document will guide you through your first contact with Niryo One and Niryo One Studio.

Module 1 : informatics

Level 1

Learn how to control Niryo One with Blockly (similar to Scratch).
Go further with Blockly to give instructions to the robot.

Level 2

Discover the language Python to control the robot.
Go further with Python to control Niryo One.

Module 2 : ROS

Meet ROS and its standardized functions to control the robot.

Module 3 : Matlab

Matlab logo
Use Matlab to discover trajectory curves and control system.

Module 4 : simulation

In this course, use CoppeliaSim, from the creators of V-REP.

Module 5 : image processing

Learn the fondamentals of image processing and objects recognition.

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