Reproduction of movements by AI using sign recognition and interpretation.

We visited Esirem’s Condorcet university center in Le Creusot (France), where robotics and programming courses are taught: STAPS and AES bachelor’s degrees, Collaborateur Chief Executive vocational training and two English-language courses: Vibot and Maya.


Niryo robots used for numerous exercises and practical cases

David Fofi, professor in charge of the robotics department, tells us that Niryo robots are used for two different purposes.


“We’re a young robotics department, so we need to equip ourselves quickly, and well, so the advantage of Niryo is that it’s: less expensive, and we can actually afford to install a TP room.


We use the robots to model and multiply robots for an introduction to industrial robotics, and then on the other hand, we use them for educational projects, where students use the robots to develop small projects, small ideas on these arms. 


It’s a slightly more exploratory vocation, so there are little manipulations that have been done, that have been developed by our students, who are, in the programming curriculum at the moment, based on the Niryo arms.”

Universities that already use our robots

Comprehensive and immersive projects for students​

David also explained a project currently under development by ESIREM’s 5th year students:


“Our 5th year students have been developing a small program on the Niryo arm since last year. The students have created a little sign language, they put themselves in front of a camera and they indicate by signs the moves the robot must make and the robot must, repeat these moves.”


For Niryo, this project is totally representative of the broad use that can be made of the Ned2 6-axis robotic arm: combining robotics learning with AI learning to develop the maximum number of skills in students.


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