High School.

Niryo robots were developed in collaboration with educators and experts to cater to the unique needs of classrooms and STEM robotics program.
By equipping students with fundamental programming knowledge and skills, Niryo is committed to offer a seamless transition from high school to higher education engineering studies.

Unlocking the Potential: Discover the Advantages of Niryo's Collaborative Robots.

Documentation and Open-Sourceness

Niryo offers more than just a Curriculum and accessible documentation. Our robots are equipped with a wide range of open-source hardware and software components such as Raspberry Pi 4, Python and Arduino.

With Niryo robots, gain access to a vast wealth of information and find answers to any question related to your programming educational journey.

Deep simple, Deep Tech

Captivating students’ attention while fostering a deep understanding of engineering principles can get challenging, doesn’t it?

Equipped with three intuitive control buttons, an illuminating LED ring and speakers, creating a Human-Robot Interaction never felt easier.

Who says learning programming can’t be an enjoyable adventure?

A whole Ecosystem for hundreds of applications

At Niryo, we understand that the programming journey extends far beyond a single robot. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive ecosystem based on Industry 4.0 and designed to stimulate students’ creativity and unleash their innovation capabilities.

Engage with hundreds of scenarios, from simple pick-and-place tasks to complete industries production lines!

NiryoStudio: Your first step towards programming

The initial steps in programming are often the hardest, especially when it comes to working with robots.

At Niryo, we understand the struggle of this challenge, that’s why we created NiryoStudio, an intuitive application based on Blockly and Python, for an easy, accessible and exciting programming journey start!

A simulated robot

Thanks to our collaboration with Mathworks and RoboDK, Niryo has developed a simulated robot.

This virtual robot helps measuring the differences between virtuality and reality as much as possible, in order to meet teachers educational needs.

Solution for everyone.

Our educative solutions