Research & Development

Niryo robots are well-suited for research purposes due to their user-friendly interfaces, adaptability, and collaborative capabilities.
Researchers can easily program and customize those arm robots to match their projects by creating a dynamic and productive research environment.

Advantages of Niryo's Collaborative Robots for researchers.

Safety above all

Niryo arm robots enable researchers to work in a safe and efficient manner.

This collaborative nature facilitates research that involves cooperation between humans and robots, opening up possibilities for interdisciplinary investigation and innovative research approaches.

Customizability: The key to a successful prototyping

Niryo designed user-friendly and easy to set up collaborative robots.
In other words, being an engineer is not mandatory to use it.

Equipped with a graphical interface, our robot simplifies programming and allows users to control the robot using a simple drag-and-drop system.

On the other hand, users can easily add different accessories and sensors to the robot, allowing for various configurations and adaptability to different tasks.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Whether the user has a background in programming or not, he might need a robot at a certain stage in his project.

Niryo offers user-friendly robots, that are easy to use, making them accessible to users with varying levels of expertise in robotics.

This means that, a whole production line can be prototype using our robot and its ecosystem.

NiryoStudio: Program less, Innovate more

A user might be testing several prototyping projects at once.
Therefore, it’s important to have a platform where they can save their different programs and switch from one to another easily.

That’s where NiryoStudio interferes: different scenarios, several prototypes, in one place.

Solution for everyone.

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