About us


We controls manufacturing, supply & logistics.

We design, manufacture and build our robots in Wambrechies (Fr)

This proximity allows us to establish a close link between our R&D and production departments, and enables us to implement an efficient testing and learning process, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.


We couldn't exist without our workers.

They possess deep knowledge of all 362 components of the robots, allowing them to both build and repair any robot that comes from our factory. Their expertise enables us to maintain the highest level of quality. 

With their dedication and skill, our workers are capable of building thousands of robots monthly

Multiple quality tests on the assembly line.

Our experts conduct a final check, including
a 20-minutes calibration process, to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product. We take pride in crafting and customizing packaging that provides maximum protection for our robots.

We can ship orders worldwide within 48 hours.