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Niryo One, the first accessible 6 axis robotic arm for teachers, educators and makers.

When you order Niryo One, you also get a FREE Gripper 1!

Shipping time: about 1-2 weeks.

Accessible and user-friendly

Perfect to study robotics

Easily teach new technologies

How to control Niryo One ?

There are many ways to program Niryo One (from high to low level):

  • Program the robot with the learning mode: you can move the robot directly with your hands and tell it where you want it to go. With our free desktop application, Niryo One Studio, you can use visual programming (based on Blockly, similar to Scratch) to program the robot without having any programming knowledge.
  • Use a Xbox controller to move the robot axis directly
  • For developers, you can use the Python API to give commands to the robot using an easy-to-use programming interface. This is also a great transition from Blockly to Python if you are teaching programming. There is a modbus server running on the robot. You can develop your own APIs to connect Niryo One to any industrial device.
  • You can use the digital pins on the back of the robot to make it communicate with other devices, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards. (here‘s a tutorial on how to connect an Arduino board with Niryo One)
  • For advanced developers, you can directly dive into the ROS code (which is open source on our github account), and program the robot using Python and C++. Watch this to get an overview of the ROS stack used for Niryo One.

3D print the robot

All the STL files for the robot are open source and have been released on github. You can download them and use a slicer to print them with your own 3D printer. Want to change the color, customize a part, create a new gripper ? Everything is possible.

Note that you need at least a 200*200*200mm 3D printer to be able to print all the parts.

End effector tools

We have developed 5 different tools that you can plug on Niryo One, thanks to the universal adapter on the robot hand. When you order a Niryo One, you get a free Gripper 1 (kit for Full Kit, assembled for Fully Assembled).

We also have 2 other grippers adapted for different use cases, a vacuum pump, and an electromagnet.

When you order some additional tools with your robot, you get free shipping for those tools!

Free Software upgrades

Usually when you buy a hardware product, it’s already obsolete because a new version with a new software is already on the way. With Niryo One that’s different. When we release a new software upgrade, we let you know about it, and you get it for free. You just need to update your robot following this step by step tutorial.


Niryo One is not only a robot. This is an open source project built around a community of makers and robotics fans. You can share your progress and use cases on the Niryo forum, check out what we do on github, and much more.

We encourage you to share some cool videos and posts about the amazing projects you did with Niryo One. We’ll help you share your story.

Join us and become a Niryo Maker!

Whether you’re a beginner or not, Niryo One will help you to

  • Learn and teach robotics
  • Train your employees to be ready for Industry 4.0
  • Or get a complete industrial-like robotics project at home, just for you

Technical Specifications

Specification Value
Number of axis 6
Weight 3.2 kg
Payload 0.3 kg
Max Reach 440 mm
Base joint range +/- 175 °
Repeatability +/- 1 mm
Power Supply 11.1 Volts / 6A
Communication Ethernet
WIFI: 2.4 GHz Range 802.11n
Bluetooth 4.1: 2,4 GHz ; 2,5 mW (4 dBm)
Interface/Programming Windows/MacOS/Linux (desktop application), Gamepad, APIs
Power consumption ~ 60 W
Materials Aluminium, PLA (3D printing)
Ports 1 Ethernet + 4 USB
Hardware Raspberry pi 3
+ 3 x NiryoSteppers
+ 2 x Dynamixel XL – 430
+ 1 x Dynamixel XL – 320
Collision detection sensor Magnetic sensor (on motor)

!!! Niryo One is a robot primarily made for educational purposes, and testing of small assembly lines. We do not guarantee any precision and robustness over time for your application !!!

Download the Technical specs as a PDF.

Documentation / Downloads

Mechanical specifications

User manual

Full Niryo One documentation

Software and STL downloads for Niryo One

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