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Deutsche Bahn and Niryo: vocational training facilitated by cobots

use case

Collaborative robotics at the service of business digitalization and staff training

As part of its digital transformation, Deutsche Bahn wanted to extend access to cutting-edge technology within its organization for the purpose of training, but also maintaining skills. Training centers thus benefit from complete ecosystems, at the service of apprentices and experienced technicians.

formation du personnel

use case

The process in a nutshell:

possibilités proposées par l’écosystème cobotique


Theoretical awareness and knowledge are first provided.

Manipulation du système


Apprentices and technicians freely manipulate the elements of the ecosystem

Exercices Ned 2


Exercises are then proposed in real conditions.

use case

In DB’s own words:

use case

Why did Deutsche Bahn choose collaborative robotics?

  • The accessibility of the robot, the latter being manipulated by different people from various backgrounds.
  • The cost of the robot, allowing centers to equip themselves with complete fleets.
  • The capabilities of the robot, allowing the implementation of many scenarios.
Portrait of Marcel Häßler, Deutsche Bahn

Digital transformation interests us from a business point of view, but it is also important to us in the field of professional training because it raises awareness of lean methods (…) We take advantage of the intelligence of the robot ecosystem.

Marcel Häßler,
DB Training, Learning and Consulting

use case

About Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn Aktiengesellschaft, DB sometimes DB AG (“German Railway Stock Corporation”), is the German state-owned railway company formed by the merger of Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1994. It is active in the fields of passenger transport, freight transport, and the management and operation of the German rail network.

Deutsche Bahn

use case

The elements of our offer that made it possible to respond to this use case:

use case

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