Downloads for Niryo One

Niryo One Studio (desktop application) v 2.1.1

Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 2.1.0

Note : It is required to use a class 10 SD card, with at least 8GB space

Niryo Stepper firmware v 2.0.0

NiryoStepper firmware v 2.0.0 is compatible with Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 2.1.0.


You can download Niryo One mechanical specifications and user manual.

If you have the software for a previous version (< 2.1.0), you can update the software with this tutorial.

To be sure you install correct versions, check out the Niryo One software versions compatibility guide.

The rest of the documentation can be found here.

Other files

Niryo One is an open source project. You can directly find on github many resources :

If you like what we are doing, give us a star on github !


Here you can find all v 1.1.0 (August 2018 and before) downloads.

Niryo One Studio v 1.1.0

Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 1.1.0

Niryo Stepper v 1.1.0

Niryo One Studio v 2.0.0

Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 2.0.0