Labs, get your business ahead : choose Niryo

Process optimization in R&D sectors has never been that easy thanks to Niryo robotics arm for labs : Nova

For whom: Labs, research centers, pharmaceutical and chemical companies

For which uses: As a collaborative arm, Nova is perfect to automate a move

Its main asset: Easy and quick to set up for technicians and lab assistants

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Nova new cobotics arm for labs niryo

With Niryo labs robots, you will

  • Optimize your productivity and competitiveness
  • Save time on repetitive tasks and focus on actions of higher value
  • Enjoy a friendly and engaging user experience
  • Discover robotics through an accessible software
  • Integrate easily cobotics into your industrial lines
  • At last, get a fitted offer for convenient collaborative robots

With Niryo labs robots, you won't

  • Lose time with the deployment of robotic solutions : Niryo's robots are ready to be used
  • Being dependent on an external provider to install your robots
  • Lose your hair because of a complexe software : our Human-to-Machine Interface is easy to understand
  • Need to hire a master in robotics : our robotics arms are accessible to any operators, lab assistants, scientists, technicians and engineers

Nova, Niryo new cobotics solution is designed for

🔎 Laboratories

🧠 Research & Development centers

💡 R&D departments

Our cobotics experts team designs solutions for SMEs, industries, and laboratories, at the service of the following sectors and their counterparts:

  • Research laboratories
  • Research institutes
  • Technical centers
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Biochemistry, analysis, chemistry and quality laboratories
  • Technology companies


Which tasks will you automate with robotic solutions?

Flacons filling Blending Collecting
Bottles sealing Screwing Labels applying
Lids closing and/or opening Pick & place Cable cutting
Assembling Sorting out Controlling
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Our team will assist you to explore and define your needs in order to optimize your established and future activities.

Check out a couple of use-cases for labs automation with Niryo cobotic solutions :

How to be more efficient in your pharmaceutical business with Pick & Place?

First step to implement cobotics to turn your agribusiness into agriculture 4.0

The best way to automate
your low-added value tasks
with robots

Check out Niryo industrial use-cases here 

Why should you choose Niryo robotic arms for your industrial processes?

  1. A convenient and versatile solution, ready for use
  2. Niryo Studio: an accessible, intuitive, and regularly updated software 
  3. A complete ecosystem: conveyor belt, slope, end-stopper, infrared sensor…
  4. Minimal space requirements compared to conventional industrial robots
  5. To allow your technicians to reach autonomy with collaborative robots

Discover Nova, our cobotic solution designed for labs and R&D projects

nova new cobotics arm for labs by niryo

Our brand new robots for labs: laboratories, R&D centers, and R&D departments

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They optimize their processes with Niryo industrial robotics solutions

It was a pleasure to discover your start-up! Your segment is interesting and the pain you solved are key points, especially for small enterprises such as ours.

Gaël, Quality and industrialisation manager

Made in France cobotics solutions : durable and efficient

Nova robotics arm complies with safety standards and is made in our factory in Lille (France)

Niryo is part of the French Fab ecosystem that gathers actors who are developing french industry 🐓

labellisation europeenne CE robots securises niryo

Thibaud Mory team Niryo

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