Efficient automation has a name: Nova

The optimisation of your processes is within your reach with our six-axis collaborative robot arm Nova, available in 2023.

Conceived, designed and developed for the cosmetics, food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, and above all for the sector in which you operate.

Site managers, maintenance managers: considering Nova within your production line is the guarantee of automating a job movement in a simple, accessible and profitable way.

I am considering to automate a project

Nova new cobotics arm for labs niryo

Nova cobots meet your business challenges, whether it is…

  • Saving time by choosing a collaborative robot that is easy to handle.
  • To gain in independence: the integrations which do not finish any more and monopolize your attention, are a thing of the past.
  • Increase the skills and autonomy of the agents under your authority, thanks to a clear, communicating man-machine interface that is easy to learn and operate

Which tasks are you going to be able to optimize thanks to collaborative robotics?

Vial filling Blending Collecting
Bottle sealing Screwing Label applying
Lid closing and/or opening Pick & place Cable cutting
Assembling Sorting out Controlling
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They have optimised their process with Niryo's robotic solutions

Delighted to have been able to do these tests with you! You are entering an interesting market where the needs are great, especially for small structures like ours!

Gaël, Quality and industrialisation manager

Note: the use case shown above offers a lower payload than the one proposed by Nova

Professional cobotics made in France by Niryo: sustainable and efficient

The Nova robotic arm meets safety standards and is manufactured in France on our production lines in Lille.

Niryo is part of the French Fab ecosystem, the economic players that develop French industry 🐓

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